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Three decades back when Birabar Panda of Garedipanchan, popularly known as Aja, would be yelling the popular slogan "kalej Karega...Marega", it never struck serious. But the long-cherished dream of the people of Balipatna struck gold as a result of self-less devotion & vigorous efforts of a galaxy of enthusiastic social elite under the leadership of Sri Ratikanta Mohanty of Turintira, ably & scrupulously supported by such pioneers like Satyabadi Ota, Sarat Chandra Bhola, Aurobinda Mishra, Narendra Kumar Sahoo, Satrughnanath Jena, the-then S.E.O. of Balipatna Block, Abhimanyu Senapati etc.

They met Z. Abedin, the-then Principal of Nimapara College a veritable tower of strength & Inspiration and a meeting was convened at S.B.N. High School, Blaipatna which was attended by local gentries & such eminent personalities of the locality like Sri Padmanav Mishra, I.A.S., (Rtd.), Dr. Aniruddh Mishra, Sri Gopinath Bhoi, the-then M.L.A. & a historic resolution was passes to start the college from the session 1978-79. Thus the dream came true. A college "THE SHISHU ANANTA MAHAVIDYALAYA" with 26 students in its roll started functioning from August 1978 in the precincts of S.B.N. High School, Balipatna.



Best practice – 1

1. Title of the Practice       :          Wisdoms in Epigrams (English)

2. Goal

 i. To broaden the cognitive aptitude of the students

 ii. To enhance their compressive understanding and critical thinking

                              iii. To give the students an idea about the beauty and expressiveness of English language

3. The Context

It is found that the students are not good at comprehending ideas and wise sayings. Most of them have come from Odia background Primary and Secondary Schools and so they do not have enough exposure to English language. Further, this practice is followed to improve the students’ grasping and assimilating power.

4. Teachers are asked to devote at least five minutes in their classes for giving the students epigrammatic lines / Sentences containing some noble or educative idea. Students are asked to remember the epigrams and also they are made to comprehend the ideas through brief explanation.

5.  Evidence of Success

 It is found that students have responded to this practice positively and with enthusiasm.

Students are found to have memorized some epigrams and exchange them between one another during interactions.

This practice is contributing to the improvement in their power of comprehension.

Visitors coming to college for seminars and workshops have appreciated this practice.

6.   Problems Encountered and Resources Required

As this practice is entirely teacher-centric and linguistic, no problem in its implementation has been encountered and no resource is required too.

  1. Notes (Optional)

The implementation of this very simple and hassle-free practice in the college has been appreciated by the students of other colleges.


b. Contact Details

           Name of the Principal           :  Dr Baikuntha Narayan Dash

            Name of Institution               :  Shishu Ananta Mahavidyalaya,

                                                            Balipatna, Khurda, Odisha.

            Accredited Status                  :  B+

            Work Phone                                 : 06742462230

            Mobile No                            : 7848978358, 9437357372

            Website                                  :

            E-mail                         :


Best practice – 2


Title of the practice


Observance of Important Days (particularly the Birth Anniversaries of Eminent Freedom Fighter of Odisha) though rallies and Seminars.




To aware the students about the contributions of great Freedom Fighter of Odisha




To inculcate in the Youth of the present generation love for the State and its hallowed past. 


  1. The Context

It is seen that the young generation is quite indifferent to the ideas and ideas shown and propounded by the great men and women of Odisha who sacrificed their lives and careers for the Independence of the Country. So this practice is followed to instil the required sense of love for the past and also for the great contributions of the Freedom Fighters.

  1. The Practice

On the birth Anniversaries of great Freedom Fighters like Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das, Pandit Nilakantha Das, Sarala Devi, Acharya Harihar Dash, Biju Pattnaik, Harekrushna Mohatab, etc. Students, particularly the volunteers of N.S.S. YRC organize small rallies, with placards and raise moving slogans that succinctly describe the greatness of these fighters. Seminars are organized and teachers enlighten the students about the lives and contributions of these great persons.

  1. Evidence of Success

This practice has been very educative and it has made the students aware about the great men and women of the state who had fought for the country’s freedom.

  1. Problems Encountered and Resources Required

Given the simple and convenient nature of this practice, problem have not been encountered for implementation.

With small financial assistance-often from the donations of the staff, the rallies and the seminars are organized.

  1. Notes (Optional)

The College has found that the observance of the Birth Anniversaries in this simple manner has awakened the students’ interest in the lives and times of the Freedom Fighters of Odisha.

  1. Contact Details:

           Name of the Principal                       :  Mr. Nihar Ranjan Dash

            Name of Institution               :  Shishu Ananta Mahavidyalaya,

                                                               Balipatna, Khurda, Odisha.

            Accredited Status                  :  B+

            Work Phone                          : (0674)-2462230

            Mobile No                            : 7848978358, 9437357372

            Website                                  :

            E-mail                         :


Institutional Distinctiveness

Students are key to the academic arch of teaching and learning process of a society. In higher education domain they are the inseparable part of academics and administrative ambiance. In our institution top most priority is given to Student-Teacher Relation. Teachers play a vital role in shaping and building the inherent potential of the students. They treat the students as their own children and maintain a friendly and cordial relation with them. The psychology of the young minds is read by the teachers as their philosopher and guide. In addition of maintaining a good teaching atmosphere they also try to study their attitude and behaviour. Students are very open in their views and critics in front of their teachers. They give proper respect and try to behave benevolently with all the staff of institution. During any programme or function or meeting, students maintain discipline which is always praised by the external visitors and speakers.

Thus, the student-teacher relation is the main source of success of the institution.



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