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(A) College Magazine: The College brings out a Magazine named "Priyadarshi" which is published annually comprising articles written by students & members of staff. The students are primarily given opportunities to develop their writing habit through this magazine. The editorial board shall be nominated by the Principal from among the members of the teaching staff every year.

         Original literary writings in Oriya and English are solicited during a notified period of time every year. Other materials such as photographs, drawings and annual reports of different associations are also published.

          Manuscripts for the Magazine must be typed out with double space between lines or neatly hand written on only one side of foolscap size paper.

College Calendar: The college publishes an Annual Calendar during each academic session. The prime aim of such publication is to acquaint the students with the rules, regulations & other important information of the college. It serves the purpose of ready guide to students and employees of the college Principal nominates the editor and sub-editor from among the teaching staff every year.








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